SHIBALI PHARMACY has for long been established and recognised as one of the leading, progressive, modern and digital pharmacy in the surrounding area. We committed to the contribute to the public healthcare sector to a great extent and strengthen its Global presence. The seed that was planted in the year of 2011 now has become a tree. From the inception, our cherished dream is to serve mankind as well as the world. This dream has become a reality as a result of a thousand miles walk by few thousand people. Good health is vital to all of us and Medicine shows tremendous development is the last Century. The average life expectancy of People is getting higher day by day. Thats why “SHIBALI PHARMACY” is committed to contribute is the advancement of health by providing highest quality health care services to the people. To ensure the service we are focused on improving the way we do business and on listening to the view of all the people involved in health care decisions.